“Eddie & Becky are carriers of the glory of God and the Spirit of Revival lives within them. I know they will be a great blessing to you and your church.”Daniel Kolenda, President/CEO of Christ for All Nations

We Carry the Fires of Revival all across the Globe!

  • Anointed Worship

    Ushering in God’s Presence through Praise & Worship that touches the Heart of God!

  • Healings for All 4 Areas of Life

    God uses Eddie & Becky mightily in the area of healing… healings for every area of life: spiritually, physically, mentally, and financially!

  • Words of Knowledge

    God frequently gives Eddie & Becky words of knowledge during worship of healings that are taking place at that very moment!


Office Hours 10 AM to 7 PM* Monday to Friday

(Eastern Standard Time)
*Except for Holidays, when traveling to an engagement, or when holding a service.

Eddie: 407-212-8485     |     Becky: 407-212-8484


Revival Fire

When EBCM comes to hold revival services at your church or organization,
you can anticipate the following benefits:

  • Overhaul

    Complete Overhaul

    Everything you need from God will be available sa a free gift for the taking.

  • powerful

    Powerful Life

    Learn how to live a wonderful, mighty, and blessed life empowered by the Holy Spirit.

  • Heart Mending

    Heart Mending

    Hidden things of the heart that need to be healed will be found and treated lovingly.

  • balance

    Life Balancing

    Is your spirit man getting fed as much as your physical body? Learn how to keep both in balance.

  • Oil

    Fresh Oil

    Fresh oil from Heaven will be poured out on all willing vessels. Experience a fresh relationship with your Lord and Savior.

  • ablaze

    Set Ablaze

    Be set ablaze, with a new found zeal and courage, by the Baptism in Holy Fire!

happy Testimonials

  • “…as they began to worship you could sense the atmosphere change. What a powerful Anointing ushered into the church. The services were all marked with a rich and deep sense of God’s glory! My life was touched in a powerful way…”
    -Russell Benson
  • “My walk with the Lord was growing cold and prayer was boring and reading my Bible was a duty… Then He (God) sent the two of you [Eddie and Becky Cain], and WOW!!! … I felt the power of the Holy Spirit touch me that night… I have regained the excitement and joy I had before and I have such a hunger for God.”
    -Elizabeth Moore
  • “Since the beginning of the revival meetings I have been given a silver filling, have had my lower back healed, and numbness in both of my feet healed. I give God all the Glory! The best part of all is that I have fallen head over heels in love with my Lord Jesus Christ! If you think that anything you are going through is insignificant to God you’re wrong. He cares about every area of your life.”
    -Lora Votaw

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