About Eddie & Becky Cain Ministries (EBCM)

Our Mission

Seeing people healed spiritually, physically, mentally, and financially; through the Transforming Power of the Word of God and His Presence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see people healed Spiritually, Physically, Mentally and Financially via the Word of God and God’s Presence…


Transforming lives one soul at a time by allowing the Holy Spirit to flow to us to touch us, in us to change us, and through us to change the world via local, regional and world-wide outreaches, as well as audio and visual resources, including, but not limited to:

  • The Word of God, Music, Books, Training Materials,
  • Television, Podcast, Internet…
  • through every voice possible.

about Eddie & Becky Cain

Eddie & Becky Cain

Ordained Ministers Eddie & Becky Cain have been in full time ministry since 1988 and are the founders of Trans4mation Church, Marriage Experts and Eddie and Becky Cain Ministries (EBCM). They often humorously share with their audiences that they have been Co-Pastors, Co-Evangelist, and Co-Worship Leaders, so you could call them the “Co-Cain’s”. The Cain’s have ministered in the United States as well as internationally.

Eddie and Becky have recorded several Praise and Worship CD’s. Becky is the author of two books “7 Keys to The Anointing” and “Unleashing the Flow of the Anointing”.

In 1984 Becky had a vision (2 times a month apart). In the vision, Eddie and Becky were standing on this large platform with husband and wife teams on both sides of them. She could never see the end of the people. The closest she’s ever come to seeing what she saw in this vision was in a Reinhard Bonnke poster of the millions of people in his African audience. In the vision, Eddie and Becky were unable to physically touch all the people, Becky knew through the Holy Spirit that the people were all being healed spiritually, physically, mentally and financially, without receiving a physical touch. At the same time, God was speaking to Eddie about the fact that music was going to be a huge part of their ministry.

Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, Eddie and Becky Cain’s ministry is a whole package, which includes the praise and worship as well as the preaching/teaching on The Word. People receive their healing:

  • During the praise and worship
  • Through words of knowledge
  • During the preaching/teaching
  • Laying on of hands

Our History


Received the Baptism in Fire and the Transference of Anointing from Rodney Howard-Browne to other ministers during revival services in Lakeland, FL at Carpenter’s Home Church.


Began taking the Fires of Revival to other churches across the USA!


Spreading the Fires of Revival Internationally, beginning with Belfast, Ireland.


Taking the Fires of Revival all across the globe with a new understanding and new vision for everything that God has for us, His children! A life of MORE than enough! Good News! He wants you Healed! He wants you Blessed! He wants you to be a Blessing to everyone you know!