Our Services

We are the Spark that Ignite Hearts Ablaze!

We specialize in bringing the Fires of Revival to every open door that welcomes in the Holy Spirit and Everything He has to offer!

Whether it’s a church, workplace, or even a bar, we will be thrilled to come usher in God’s Presence through Anointed Worship, speak Words of Knowledge as the Spirit gives them, Preach/Teach the Word of God on Healing for Every Area of Life, and Lay Hands on the Sick to see them Healed & Whole!

We have travelled to many locations, both domestically in the USA, as well as internationally, bringing Revival Fire wherever we go.

Are you READY to receive a BLESSING that you cannot even contain?!

We Carry theFires of RevivalAll Across the Globe!

  • Anointed Worship

    Ushering in God’s Presence through Praise & Worship that touches the Heart of God!

  • Healing for All 4 Areas of Life

    God uses Eddie & Becky mightily in the area of healing… healings for every area of life: spiritually, physically, mentally, and financially!

  • Words of Knowledge

    God frequently gives Eddie & Becky words of knowledge during worship of healings that are taking place at that very moment!

Revival Fire BENEFITS

Powerful Life

Learn how to live a wonderful, mighty, and blessed life empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Complete Overhaul

Everything you need from God will be available as a free gift for the taking.

Heart Mending

Hidden things of the heart that need to be healed will be found and treated lovingly.

Life Balancing

Is your spirit man getting fed as much as your physical body? Learn how to keep both in balance.

Fresh Oil

Fresh oil from Heaven will be poured out on all willing vessels. Experience a fresh relationship with your Lord and Savior.

Set Ablaze

Be set ablaze, with a new found zeal and courage, by the Baptism in Holy Fire!

Want to Experience the Fires of Revival at your Church or Organization?