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Dear Eddie & Becky,

I wanted to tell you about the healing I and my daughter received during your visit today. A short while ago I had gone forward for healing at one of our regular services and God told me that I would be fine. I wasn’t sure if that meant that I was healed, going to be healed, not have the symptoms, the doctors would be successful or what?

Though as the weeks went by I sensed in my spirit I was healed and then at another service God made me sure of it! I had just told my husband yesterday that I was healed and then today when Becky got up to share she said she had a word of knowledge that someone’s gall bladder was healed I almost fell off my chair! Then I sensed a slight burning in my gall bladder after she gave that word and I knew again that I had received complete and total healing! Then when Eddie called for those who wanted to receive healing to come forward I did for another physical need in my right leg and hip. I have had a problem there for seven and a half years and in the last year it has gotten really bad. I wasn’t able to even stand all the way through worship service, I couldn’t even carry my infant daughter for a second, and the circulation was now getting bad. Becky prayed with me and I felt the Holy Spirit “blow” on me several times.

Then after Becky moved on I laid my hand on my leg and that is when the Lord told me “Where ever you lay your hand you will be healed.” I did that for myself and my leg was finally healed.
The pain I was feeling at that time went away and by the time I got home my leg was totally healed! Now I can carry my daughter, run, walk for long periods, and best of all I was able to stand through the evening worship service without a twinge! I also laid my hand on my heart since I have been desiring purification there and on my mouth too for healing of gum disease. I am believing for miracles to come forth in these areas also. I know that God cannot lie and I am healed in these areas too. While I was still praying He told me to go get my daughter Jenna (who is developmentally delayed) and pray for her, laying one hand on her forehead and one on the base of her head. I did and He said “It is time.”

WOW am I excited. I have already sensed in my spirit this year (from now until this time next year) is going to be special for Jenna. I sensed that her complete healing was forth coming and today I heard God speak it! WOW!!!!!!!! I am so excited for her! God has something tremendous planned for her where He will get all the glory! Just wanted you to know so that you may rejoice with us! Hallelujah!

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