Healed from Epilepsy – Shirley Pyles

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As a child I had spells, but was never diagnosed until I was in my twenties as being epileptic with grand mal seizures. I had to take a lot of medication every day to try to keep my seizures under control. First thing every morning when I got out of bed I would have to take my medication and wait for it to take effect before I could do anything.

In June of 1993 Eddie and Becky Cain held a revival at the church I attend, Evangel Assembly of God in Camp Springs, Maryland. I went forward for prayer and I was slain in the Spirit. I knew God had healed me.

After that I went to my neurologist and told him I wanted to come off all my medication, that God had healed me. After he weaned me off my medication, he sent me for an EEG. It was the first time I had a normal EEG. Praise God, I haven’t had another seizure since. I thank God for my healing!

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