Spiritual Hunger Reawakened – Elizabeth Moore

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I would like to share a brief testimony with you about a spiritual healing. My walk with the Lord was growing cold and prayer was boring and reading my Bible was a duty. I was finding nothing exciting about God or His word. As a matter of fact, I was beginning to wonder if God was doing or could do anything these days. I was beginning to grow angry and negative, because I knew where I should be and yet was not.

I could only feel coldness creeping in, and I was getting scared. Then He (God) sent the two of you [Eddie and Becky Cain], and WOW!!! The first night you were here you sang a song about the woman with the issue of blood and there is a verse in there that says “and suddenly a touch from heaven, Jesus came and rescued me”…etc. That is what He did for me.
I felt the power of the Holy Spirit touch me that night and I shook like a leaf on a tree and I began to weep and somehow I knew, that I knew, that I knew that God was and is and is still God and that He still moves and reigns. He rekindled the fire in me and I have decided that what God has I want and I’m going for it.

I thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to minister through you. You create an atmosphere for Him to move. It’s very humbling to lie prostrate on the floor before God and allow Him to deal with you, but I would not pass up the chance for the world. I have regained the excitement and joy I had before and I have such a hunger for God. It’s exciting and I can’t wait to see what He does next.

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